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Welcome To UTP-PEC blog


Tomorrow morning is the day we departure from UTP to Subang Speedway Circuit.
8.00am in the morning we will depart from UTP.. awal nye..hoho..

We had prepared the car for the last 3 and a half months, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow is the testing day..saturday is the day we are waiting for..The Raceday!!
Hope everything is fine...pray for our beloved UTP team..!!

Here are the pictures for you guys! Enjoy!!

So excited!! n sleepy right now..

korang bole nmpk kan design kerete tu..nak tgk full design, dtg la sabtu ni..
SUBANG SPEEDWAY CIRCUIT..datang awal...claim baju n cap UTP-PEC anda!! =)

see you in the circuit guys!!

Teaser Kereta!!

Hello guys out there!! Good news....ktorg baru tampal sticker kerete smlm!! =)
Kerete tampak cantek dan bergaye....ha..xcaye? meh tgk ni..

tapi.........gambar full kerete still rahsia...utk korang figure out time raceday nnt..
ni hanye teaser pon teaser kan..kui3x..

nampak hensem bergaye kan kerete ni..hehe.. =)

Tunggu time raceday nnt..baru tau betape lawanye kerete UTP-PEC nih!

20 Jun da dekat da!! xsaba rasenye..1 je ktorg harap dari korang sume...doakan kami yg bertungkus lumus bekerja utk kerete ni..semoga doa korang semua membantu kami..

In return, korang bole berbangge dgn kerete cantek nih! Cheers! =)

Testing the car

Greetings to all.. =)
These are the pictures during our beatiful car testing..
To all supporters, carefully look at this pictures and feel the excitement during the raceday!!

Be a supportive UTP-PEC Supporters!!
p/s: Bawak payung guys! Nnt hitam, sy xtau~


The environment and track condition

Tolak kerete to starting line

sebelum bermula..

Our two handsome drivers..yeke? haha..




Fyi, ade dua MAT dlm team ktorg..satu ktorg pggil mat,
satu lg mat senior..kah3x..jgn tersalah pggil sudey..

Mereka² yg terlibat di ketika itu..pasni ade test lagi guys!! turun ramai²!!

Seronok tgk? ade byk lagi gmbr beb...sabar2...xkn nk reveal semua gmbr..xsuprise r nnt..
so....selalu r bkk blog ni..setiap hari ade update..ha..kalah blog korang tau..hehe.. =D

btw, nantikan update yg seterusnya..n jgn lupe utk tgk post² yg penting utk supporters² semua..terutama post di bawah ni.. (tajuk die >>SuppoRTerZ<< )

jmpe lagi..tata!

>> SuppoRTerZ <<

wo0oo..its getting hottt in here.. the race day is justtt around the corner (ceh,ayat biase kat skola bl nk dkt exam kot) haha .

well,for u guys who'll be there to support the UTP-PEC team, here we provide u with some very important info. Please read this carefully okay? alrite, check this out!

@^^@ Bring along ur matrix card to get a voucher from Perodua. (for food i guess)

@^^@ Take a Tshirt, cap n flag at our booth from 10am-12pm.

@^^@ Need to go there by urself bcoz the bus from UTP-Subang is not provided. However, u may follow us to go back to UTP from Subang (by bus). Depart is on 20jun, 9pm.

@^^@ There will be a slot for supporters, which is Treasure Hunt game. So,anyone who want to take part, be ready okey..quite interesting kot.. ;P

@^^@ The El-NiNo has started, so bring ur umbrella and wear ur sunblock if u think u need them.hehe

Thats all for now, 10Q 4 re-DING!

Thanks MR. SPONSORS!! ;D


Dealer of RECARO accessories and Superstreet sport exhaust

30, Jalan PJS 11/16,
Sunway Technology Park,
46150 Subang Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: +6 03 5637 2855
Fax: +6 03 5631 2885
Mobile: +6 017 612 2898

TENTATIVE for the event

Halo2 again yeah! hohoo..
here got some important infos for you all. Act, the event is 3 days. however, that 2 days earlier just for the teams. well u know..registration, briefing n all that stuff. plus, there will be a day for the teams to test the car. wo0o0..erm..btw, talking2 here like mak nenek, i think better u all take a look for the tentatives by urselves okey?? so dat u can plan ur day. peace~

HOW 2 gO therE?? got some maps for u guys out there. esp for those who not familiar with SJ roads. take2..n print some to bring along during the race day.ahaks~

Variation of Faces in UTP-PEC During Work

Here are some pictures of the hardwoking guys during works for the past weeks. Enjoy!

Haziq the leader..Trying to explain something to others about the engine...or maybe just pretending...kinda i tink...haha :P

Our secretary+treasurer+lantai specialist (the most bz person), Haris aka Matshin trying to hack the lantai...Guys, he needs your support...come on Matshin!!!

Discussion among the UTPPEC team with Technician Hazri and unknown technician (we called him bro botak...haha)

Mat and Rizki, our window specialist. They already finished the window job. Congratz guys!!...U will amaze of what they had done to all the windows (im not going to tell u what they do..keep guessing!) i tink West Coast Custom need to hire them...hehe..''eleh,stakat tinted kan cermin watpe.bek spray itam terus.haha''

The engine team discussing on changing the K3-VE (Myvi 1.3 engine) with Evo 8 engine or maybe Flinstones type of engine (for sure less fuel...haha) lah...they do some modification to the normal engine but it is confidential...haha...

The two Orang Lama in our team, Mat Tua and Wan Din planning on putting some tail around the back...So that our car can be called EKOR-V a.k.a ECO-V...hehe. however,Ferrari is prepare to discuss contract with them after this competition...haha

Track team preparing the track for testing at Pocket C parking lot. Usually they use V4 Parking but at this time the parking becoming a school bus station for a while. Above Maawa and Aiman, the vice president, measuring the length of the road while below Hazwan, Orang Lama no3 take note of the measurement.

Nik struggling on something there....I wonder what it is??....ashtray?

Alex Yong, the driver showing off the driving suit that he will wear during the race...Macho la!!...but here we call him Apis jerrr~ haha

The guys resting after a hardwork all day long...its almost 12.00am this time...Sorry Din, dont have pic of you working...For your information, Din is incharge of the tires and he will shock you guys during the prepared!

During meeting at v5 cafe

This pictures are courtesy of Aiman and other picture will be posted later for your viewing...All the supporters pray for our success!!!


This blog is a temporary blog created for Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS - PERODUA Eco Challenge Competition 2008